As by now you are most likely looking over your plan and wondering if your plan is best suited for you for the year. Most of the people that I have talked with in the field tells me that they are all set. It makes me wonder if the people don’t want to change for the sake of changing. If your plan satisfies your needs then by all means keep it. If you are afraid because you don’t understand the new changes for this open enrollment period then you should set an appointment with me. Let me explain to you what the new changes are and how they will effect you. Call or click today to set up a no appointment fee consultation. I am here for you. Your friend in the business.

Medicare Advantage get ready

The Annual enrollment period for Medicare open market will begin October 15 2018. It is now time to contact your local agent Fred Myers. Some of the plans have changed so be sure to look over your plan to see if it still fits your needs. For those that will be turning 65 within the next three months now is a good time to set an appointment with me. www.iklamyerslifehealthinsurance.com . Please don’t wait until the last moment because time slots will fill quickly. I am AHIP certified for the 2019 plan year and I am ready to help you. Please click or call to get this valuable information. You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to get all your questions answered. Follow me on facebook linked in or google plus Remember I serve Central Florida and you have a friend in the business.