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This AEP (Annual Enrollment Period Oct 15-Dec 7) you can meet me at the local CVS store. I will be out there with tons of information about the different Medicare Advantage plans that are available in your market area. I will have the latest information on plan ratings and changes to the plans. If you can’t make it out there and you would like to contact me here is how to contact me: info page facebook linked in contact enroll(if you will be turning 65 within the next 3 months).

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Shared Dollar Life Insurance lets families pay the cost of life insurance together.

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If you could give them a secure financial future, would you do it?
Shared dollar life insurance lets families pay the cost of life insurance together.
The financial outlook for the future is uncertain.
We don’t know what your children and grandchildren will face over the next 20, 30, or even 40 years from now. Will there even be such a thing as retirement for future generations?
There will be if your family shares the cost of insurance.
Here’s what shared dollar policies can offer:

Cash value life insurance that earns interest and grows in value over time
Help build the next generation’s financial security
No risk to your own retirement
Flexible, cost-sharing approach to funding life insurance

To talk about how a shared dollar policy can help your family plan for the future, give me a call today: 813-650-3991


Frederick Myers is a Field UnderWriter for IKLA Myers Life Health Insurance Agency that serves the Central Florida area. You can follow him on social media TWITTER @IKLA Life facebook linked in contact enroll(if you will be turning 65 within the next 3 months).

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Top 10 Reasons Why Most People Think They Don’t Need Life Insurance

Life insurance can be tricky to figure out with all its technicalities and rules. This article will briefly explain the top 10 reasons why some people think they don’t need Life Insurance.

Myth #1: I’m Single and Don’t Have Dependents, so I Don’t Need Coverage
Even single people need at least enough life insurance to cover the costs of personal debts and medical and funeral bills. If you are uninsured, you may leave a legacy of unpaid expenses for your family or executor to deal with. Plus, this can be a good way for low-income singles to leave a legacy to a favorite charity or other cause.

Myth #2: My Life Insurance Coverage Only Needs to Be Twice My Annual Salary
The amount of life insurance needed depends on each person’s specific situation. There are many factors to consider. In addition to medical and funeral bills, you may need to pay off debts such as your mortgage and provide for your family for several years. A cash flow analysis is usually necessary to determine the true amount of insurance that must be purchased – the days of computing life coverage based only on one’s income-earning ability are long gone.

Myth #3: My Term Life Insurance Coverage at Work Is Sufficient
Maybe, maybe not. For a single person of modest means, employer-paid or provided term coverage may actually be enough. But if you have a spouse or other dependents, or know that you will need coverage upon your death to pay estate taxes, additional coverage may be necessary.

Myth #4: The Cost of My Premiums Will Be Deductible
Afraid not, at least in most cases. The cost of personal life insurance is never deductible unless the policyholder is self-employed and the coverage is used as asset protection for the business owner. Then the premiums are deductible on Schedule C of Form 1040.

Myth #5: I Must Have Life Insurance at Any Cost
In many cases, this is probably true. However, people with sizable assets and no debt or dependents may be better off self-insuring. If you have medical and funeral costs covered, life insurance coverage may be optional. 

Myth #6: I Should Always Buy Term and Invest the Difference
Not necessarily. There are distinct differences between term life and permanent life insurance, and the cost of term life coverage can become prohibitively high in later years. Therefore, those who know for certain they must be covered at death should consider permanent coverage. The total premium outlay for a more expensive permanent policy may be less than the ongoing premiums that could last for years longer with a less expensive term policy.

There is also the risk of non-insurability to consider, which could be disastrous for those who may have estate tax issues and need life insurance to pay them. This risk can be avoided with permanent coverage, which becomes paid up after a certain amount of premium has been paid and remains in force until death.

Myth #7: Variable Universal Life Policies Are Always Superior to Straight Universal Life Policies Over the Long Run 
Many universal policies pay competitive interest rates, and variable universal life (VUL) policies contain several layers of fees relating to both the insurance and securities elements present in the policy. Therefore, if the variable sub-accounts within the policy do not perform well, the variable policyholder may see a lower cash value than someone with a straight universal life policy.

Poor market performance can even generate substantial cash calls inside variable policies that require additional premiums to be paid to keep the policy in force.

Myth #8: Only Breadwinners Need Life Insurance Coverage
Nonsense. The cost of replacing the services formerly provided by a deceased homemaker can be higher than you think, and insuring against the loss of a homemaker may make sense, especially when it comes to cleaning and daycare costs.

Myth #9: I Should Always Purchase the Return-of-Premium (ROP) Rider on Any Term Policy
There are usually different levels of return-of-premium (ROP) riders available for policies that offer this feature. Many financial planners will tell you this rider is not cost-effective and should be avoided. Whether you include this rider will depend on your risk tolerance and other possible investment objectives.

A cash flow analysis will reveal whether you could come out ahead by investing the additional amount of the rider elsewhere versus including it in the policy.

Myth #10: I’m Better Off Investing My Money Than Buying Life Insurance of Any Kind
Hogwash. Until you reach the breakeven point of asset accumulation, you need life insurance coverage of some sort (barring the exception discussed in Myth #5). Once you amass $1 million of liquid assets, you can consider whether to discontinue (or at least reduce) your million-dollar policy. But you take a big chance when you depend solely on your investments in the early years of your life, especially if you have dependents. If you die without coverage for them, there may be no other means of provision after the depletion of your current assets.

The Bottom Line
These are just some of the more prevalent misunderstandings concerning life insurance. The key is not to leave life insurance out of your budget unless you have enough assets to cover your expenses after you’re gone. For more information, contact Frederick Myers I K L A Myers Life Health Ins Agency
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Low Cost Insurance

Everywhere you look or listen someone is always saying how affordable and easily their insurance plans are to qualify. It is not until you get interested in the plan is when they pull out the fine print. I am here to debunk the myth. I would like to do something for you. How many people said that to you today or last week? I will answer any question that you may have with the advertisement plan to show you how they really work. I can tailor make a plan to fit your family needs without making drastic changes to your lifestyle. If you want a no medical exam or guaranteed acceptance offer then I am the person to call. My phone number is on my website. I have all the plans that you hear advertised. I want to show you how to make the right decision.

Insurance is of a personal nature by design. The personal factor can’t be measured. There is no such thing as an emotional or memory meter to gauge feeling. What we do have is guidelines. So you see your local insurance agent takes all of that into consideration when he is working for you. Will you let me work for you today? Remember you have a friend in the business.

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Why you Shouldn’t purchase Health Insurance on-line (Call Me instead)

Support your local Agent Frederick Myers Covering the state of Florida
1. The cost is the same. Whether you choose an agent or an online service, it does not cost any more to have an agent.
2. We all like supporting our local economy, buying health insurance through a local agent is one way to help support your community.
3. Agents can advise better options. It’s health insurance and it’s a big decision. You’re supposed to have questions, however, asking a website is never easy. Asking a professional ensures you’ll purchase the right plan for you.
4. You will a have consistent contact person so you will never have to call toll free numbers. Whether it’s a change of address, an addition to the family, or a simple question, it’s nice knowing a familiar face will answer your question without the hassle of a call center.
5. Local agents can assist you with billing and claims issues. Your local agent acts as your personal advocate and will help solve the billing and claims issues in your time of need.
6. Local agents are your friends, family, and neighbors. Not a computer. Often times you already know a health insurance agent and may not realize it. Send a shout out on social media to see if you know any health insurance agents. You’ll be amazed at the results.
7. Local agents can help save you money by showing you how to bundle. If you’re already asking yourself what a “health insurance bundle” is, you could use the assistance of a local agent.
8. Local agents have a local office you can come to talk in person. Face to face interaction and a friendly handshake is best, but never an option with online health insurance. By selecting a local agent, you can always reach them via phone or by visiting their office.
9. Local agents are licensed, trained and are aware of the ever-changing laws. When in doubt, asking an insurance agent is much more efficient than asking a computer. Not only that but as they live in the same community, they’re familiar with the laws in your local area.
10. Local agents specialize in individual, employee benefits, Medicare, and ancillary benefits. One person has all the information you’re looking for, take full advantage of this person and the tremendous value they offer.

Fill out the contact us form to get in contact with this local agent. Your friend in the business. Follow on Twitter


As by now you are most likely looking over your plan and wondering if your plan is best suited for you for the year. Most of the people that I have talked with in the field tells me that they are all set. It makes me wonder if the people don’t want to change for the sake of changing. If your plan satisfies your needs then by all means keep it. If you are afraid because you don’t understand the new changes for this open enrollment period then you should set an appointment with me. Let me explain to you what the new changes are and how they will effect you. Call or click today to set up a no appointment fee consultation. I am here for you. Your friend in the business.

Medicare Advantage plans enrollment date

Mark your calendar for October 15 2018 because that is the annual enrollment period for Medicare Advantage Plans and PDP. Now is the time to start looking over the old plan to see if you would like to change it. I will start giving seminars in the months to come. You can go to to find out more information or enroll(if you will be turning 65 within the next 3 months). If you have any question about this year enrollment process, I will be trying a new method of contact. You will be able to follow me on Facebook and message (inbox) your questions to me this year I will try to reply via Facebook. This is going to be very exciting. I am ready to try this method out. If it goes well I will then implement my methods to google plus and LinkedIn. So for the next few months there will be plenty of ways to contact me. So call click or email your friend in the business.

How to Find the Right Life Insurance Agent

Finding the right life insurance agent can be a real challenging task. What do you look for in an agent? Like many of us we don’t think of these things until it affects us personally. Someone that you know maybe a friend, family or co-worker has have an event which has now called you to take action. But where should you start? Some methods are tried and true mainly getting recommendations or referrals. This is better than opening up the phone book for a random search. I would take a genuine referral rather than a rating off of a website. With a referral, a person can go into details of telling you how knowledgeable, honest, and sincere the agent was. I happen to be a local (Brandon FL) independent agent serving all of Central Florida. I am making it my mission to do business this way. I would like for you to tell everyone that you know just how knowledgeable, honest, and sincere I am. This is how you find the right life insurance agent. I am on the web at feel free to visit my site. I would like you to know that you have a friend in the business. Feel free to add a comment if someone referred me to you. I would like to know because that means I am doing business the right way.

How to find an Insurance Agent

How to find the right insurance agent for your needs.  There are many different situations that will call for an insurance agent.  My first question for you is “what will you be insuring”.  Once you have that figured out you can narrow the process down to one type.  Here is where it gets tricky.  You have to do your homework on what are the qualifications and qualities that you are looking for in an agent.  You can then decide if you want one from a big company  or a small local agent.  As for me I am a local agent serving the Central Florida area.  And as always I am just a click, call or email away.   Remember you now have a friend in the business.

IKLAMyers Life Health & Annuities

Where is that local independent agent?


If you can’t find that local independent life insurance agent he is probably out protecting someone’s most valuable assets.  Insurance is not a financial tool that you use to make a profit.  If you are trying to profit, then you  would get some type of speculative risk product.  One example would be a (any name) trader account.  Insurance is for indemnity.  That means to make a previous item (a loss) whole.  It is to restore a loss or get you close as possible to the previous state (before the loss occurred).

Insurance is of a personal nature by design.  The personal factor can’t be measured.  There is no such thing as an emotional or memory meter to gauge feeling.  What we do have is guidelines.  So you see your local insurance agent takes all of that into consideration when he is working for you.  Will you let me work for you today?  Remember you have a friend in the business.