Why you Shouldn’t purchase Health Insurance on-line (Call Me instead)

Support your local Agent Frederick Myers Covering the state of Florida
1. The cost is the same. Whether you choose an agent or an online service, it does not cost any more to have an agent.
2. We all like supporting our local economy, buying health insurance through a local agent is one way to help support your community.
3. Agents can advise better options. It’s health insurance and it’s a big decision. You’re supposed to have questions, however, asking a website is never easy. Asking a professional ensures you’ll purchase the right plan for you.
4. You will a have consistent contact person so you will never have to call toll free numbers. Whether it’s a change of address, an addition to the family, or a simple question, it’s nice knowing a familiar face will answer your question without the hassle of a call center.
5. Local agents can assist you with billing and claims issues. Your local agent acts as your personal advocate and will help solve the billing and claims issues in your time of need.
6. Local agents are your friends, family, and neighbors. Not a computer. Often times you already know a health insurance agent and may not realize it. Send a shout out on social media to see if you know any health insurance agents. You’ll be amazed at the results.
7. Local agents can help save you money by showing you how to bundle. If you’re already asking yourself what a “health insurance bundle” is, you could use the assistance of a local agent.
8. Local agents have a local office you can come to talk in person. Face to face interaction and a friendly handshake is best, but never an option with online health insurance. By selecting a local agent, you can always reach them via phone or by visiting their office.
9. Local agents are licensed, trained and are aware of the ever-changing laws. When in doubt, asking an insurance agent is much more efficient than asking a computer. Not only that but as they live in the same community, they’re familiar with the laws in your local area.
10. Local agents specialize in individual, employee benefits, Medicare, and ancillary benefits. One person has all the information you’re looking for, take full advantage of this person and the tremendous value they offer.

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