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Where is that local independent agent?


If you can’t find that local independent life insurance agent he is probably out protecting someone’s most valuable assets.  Insurance is not a financial tool that you use to make a profit.  If you are trying to profit, then you  would get some type of speculative risk product.  One example would be a (any name) trader account.  Insurance is for indemnity.  That means to make a previous item (a loss) whole.  It is to restore a loss or get you close as possible to the previous state (before the loss occurred).

Insurance is of a personal nature by design.  The personal factor can’t be measured.  There is no such thing as an emotional or memory meter to gauge feeling.  What we do have is guidelines.  So you see your local insurance agent takes all of that into consideration when he is working for you.  Will you let me work for you today?  www.iklamyerslifehealthinsurance.com  Remember you have a friend in the business.